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The results according to the type of industry

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Information and communications

  • Rate request administration system for corporations
  • Rate request administration system for customers
  • Collection representation system (credit administration system)
  • Infrastructure facilities information management system
  • Sales management system
  • Business support system
  • Internet provider customer administration system
    Internet provider service application system
  • Subsidiary accounts cooperation system
  • Base station trouble arrangement administration system
    Base station trouble notice administration system
  • NGN technology proof study

Communication construction industry (construction business )-commuture group office system

  • Construction management system
  • Indirect duties support system
  • A material system, rental fee system
  • Material warehouse administration system
  • Photorecording administration system (Smart)
  • Construction technical information reading system
  • Construction document administration system (CabiKeeper)
  • Electronic contract system

The community

  • Electronic application system
  • Grant management system
  • Insurance collection system
  • Receipt collection system
  • Basic Resident Register system
  • Map information service

Finance, insurance

  • Individual use type banking system
  • Joint use type banking system
  • Japan bank data communication system
  • Credit payment system
  • Life insurance system
  • Insurance against loss system
  • Life insurance business support system
  • Insurance combination system
  • Government bonds system
  • Securities system

Physical distribution

  • Mail order system
  • Garbage collection administration system
  • Materials order reception desk system
  • Distribution inventory control system

Other type of industry results

Pharmaceutical products

  • Sales management system

Production, wholesale

  • Sales management system


  • Store sale situation investigation system