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Smart Device applications development

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With the proliferation of smartphones and iPad, business use of mobile terminals has been in full swing. Our company has established a project team to target Android in April 2011. We have been mainly working on application development for the consumers. From now on, we will develop Web system and Android applications for the corporations based on the ability to develop cultivated so far. From System design to Development, we will continue to provide you with smart device solutions by taking full advantages of iPad/Android.


Guide system for foreign tourist

Fukuoka Open-Top Bus for foreign tourists. We have taken part in Fukuoka city?fs attracting tourist project, and have developed automated voice guide system for foreign tourist. When tourists get into a bus sightseeing excursion with a portable terminal, image and audio tourist guide will play automatically whenever the bus is close to the attractions.

Self-checkout system for parking

For ITEC, inc. that expands hourly parking lot across the country, we have developed a smartphone application that can make a parking payment without actual cash. In addition, this application can search parking lots and view the congestion status of parking lot. Also, adding points features have been incorporated.

Paperless meeting system

Achieving a secure smart meeting using iPad / Android tablet. Paperless meeting system A paperless and secure smart meeting using iPad/Android tablet can be held.

Constructing check application

The inspection results can be inputted at site. Constructing check application. After you enter the inspection results to the smartphone and tablet terminal in the field, you can send data to the server. The server manages these submitted data.