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We accumulated numerous experience and skill trough development mission critical system for MIRAIT Group. We provide integration various business system including our main support product "RakRak series", a personnel and remuneration management system and CMS tools. Also we are active in Implementation of new technology such as OSS , Application for smart device. And we have large number of specialized engineers, we are a one-stop Provider of services from planning and implementation through operation and support of systems. Provide effective plans and efficient solutions can be made for utilize the characteristics of the products. And we support 360 degree, for smooth customer's system installation.

RakRak FrameworkII

Our technical expert staff understands and analyzes the enterprise application requirements thoroughly with boast a wealth of development experiences and knowledge.

Building Applications with Software Components and Java based enterprise system Framework makes it possible to save time and costs. We are authorized and wealth of development experiences dealer since first version released the software. We provide high hospitality service.

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Smart Device applications development

We provide total solution for the next generation's smart devices and support iPad/Android system that with maximum effort from system planning through development totally,improve to customer's business . There are four Cases ,

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