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We support enterprise system development with boast a wealth of development experiences.

Business development framework

If You are planning develop enterprise system, need support for introduction, and purchase license by "RakRak FrameworkII", contact us. We are authorized and wealth of development experiences dealer since first version released the software.

  • Comprehensive support and considerable achievements.
  • Generous support from upper process.
  • Rely on replacement from legacy system.

What is RakRak FrameworkII?

RakRak FrameworkII is Java based enterprise system development Framework released by Sumitomo Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd.. it has ability to greatly save time and costs. We provide a wealth of services from considering phase of purchase the license to the system maintenance. as authorized and wealth of development experiences dealer since first version released the software. We provide high hospitality service .

component based engine for Java development
Standardize design phase -component based engine for Java development component based development assemble Data elements, Business logics, even programs . it can be developed the system with minimum coding keeping high productivity and quality. And it also high productivity and quality in maintenance phase with flexibility and expandability.
Seamless Relationship from data model
Standardize Programming phase -Seamless Relationship from data model utilized DOA "Data oriented Approach" In Upper process. It is possible to code generate automatically 80% in the program byestablished database design.
Emerging design information by repository
Standardize Maintenance and documentation -Emerging design information by repository support overall in maintenance phase. cross-reference Function of providing the specification of maintenance based on repository. And supports seamless relation with designing data made from RakDesigner the designing tool, between production stream, program specification document.It covers development life cycle of a system.

An introductory merit

  • High quality, a high throughput, short-term development.
  • Long-term use of a system, and maintenance-cost reduction.
  • In-house production organization is established and development personnel training is promoted.


Productivity is about 3 times of COBOL.
RakRak FrameworkII achieves its productivity about 3 times "Basic design to integrated test" compared to mission critical system by using traditional COBOL, and also it achieves its productivity 5 to 10 times compared to native JAVA.
No reassemble necessary
It will accommodate to only replace the relevant parts when modifying or adding to specification. It is unnecessary to reassemble or recompile.

The advantage of MIS

Enhanced development system by over 50 engineers
Over 50 engineers have development skills of RakRak FrameworkII. We will respond to your various needs such as developer and support will do since we have prepared enhanced development system.
We have strong bond and corporation to makers.
One of characteristics is we have joined its development since version1, so we have quite long achievement and experiences. Our engineers who have 12 years experiences will consult you about system structures.
Fully adopt our internal system
MIRAIT Information Systems CO., LTD. has experience to replace all internal system of their company by using RakRak FrameworkII.
Support from the upstream process is skilled engineers who have more than 10 years development experience.
Besides programming and constructing environment, skilled engineers provide constructing support from upstream process such as requirement definition, basic design, and etc.
Replace from traditional system is one of forte.
We will help that you can smoothly replace traditional system. E.g. replace from Lotus Notes or general-purpose machine.
Generous support from considering stage of license purchase.
We will respond to your various needs such as your interest to this product, wanting to know more about this product. Please contact us without hesitation.