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Utilizing the experience of building an open source system, we provide open source library system solutions.


Ruby is object-oriented script language developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto. Ruby was developed in Japan and has been used actively in the world. Java and its framework have been used to develop web application. Java is excellent as programming language; however, it takes a relatively large number of time and cost. Recently, a case that requires providing various solutions in a short period of time has been increasing.

We will propose a system with Ruby on Rails that uses Ruby and its framework as one of their solutions. Based on the know-how of constructing Ruby on Rails system, we will provide quick solution and support our customer's competitive strength.

open source/framework Ruby on Rails

David Heinemeier Hansson has developed this framework with Ruby for Web application. In the development of Web applications that use the database in particular, it significantly reduces the amount of program description. You can shorten the development period. In recent years, use of this framework has increased in Japan. This framework can be used in variety of solutions as stable open source/framework.

Training of certified Ruby technicians

We are also focusing on training of certified Ruby technicians. Besides increasing successful candidate of "Ruby Engineer Certification Examination Silver", we make an effort to increase the number of successful candidate of "Ruby Engineer Certification Examination Gold". We also provide support for a candidate such as the auxiliary of examination fees.

Ruby Association Foundation support member

Ruby Association Silver Sponsor

We support Ruby Association. We do not only use OSS, but also we contribute to community by sending our feedback. We will acquire Ruby Association Certified system integrator, and we committed to hone technical capability of Ruby for providing high quality system to our customers.


library information system

Next-L Enju that we have adopted is Japan's first open source library information system. Prior to this, system using open source could be found, but library information system itself as source code has not been opened to the public. Leading library and information science officials in Japan have considered its specification and have implemented Next-L Enju. As a result, library information system already practical and covers all functions that are indispensable to library officials.

Moreover, by taking advantages of open source, Next-L Enju can easily customize. If implemented new features are disclosed as open source, it can contribute to the development of library information system of Japan. From this point of view, MIS approves to Next-L Enju project and support introduction as a solution.

Cost estimating system

RThis e-mail sending system, in Ruby on Rails base, can send business partners e-mail documents such as management of sales report, budget management of sales personnel and cost of each project management.


In Ruby on Rails, a portal site that provides repository management [Git/Subversion] and ticket management [Redmine] for computer software developer has been constructed. Managing account centrally is a great advantage.